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Batik, Oil & Sculpture


Name: Shazad Khalique Sheikh
Residency: Citizen of USA
Qualification: Masters in Fine Art
Present Position: Adjunct Professor of Fine Art at Dixie State College, Utah
Languages: English, Urdu, Punjabi


In my work, I try to use color, texture, and form to create a visually stimulating image. I also use it as an opportunity to expand my abilities through constant experimentation. I choose not to represent imagery or direct aspects from the real world. I believe that the gibberish-like art-speak is Art’s own worse enemy. The object exists of itself, and it should be discussed directly. Rather than carefully stepping around the object and thinking about what it might be, I focus on what it is. I draw inspiration from sources outside of the art world, such
as technology and digital culture. For me, whether I am painting or sculpting, applied art is a way to explore a range of possibilities allowed through different methods of application. I choose not to confuse the audience with unnecessary art jargon. I think that color and form are enough to carry a painting. For inspiration, I look at concepts like Ordered Complexity and Emergence, where
things build up from a simple base structure by following a set of predetermined rules, and self-organize as they go. I translate this into painting by building off of the random, using a predetermined technique and range of colors. Batik is almost a daily activity for me, and has been since my teens, when I was  introduced to it in Pakistan from my father. 34 years later it still keeps me very busy. Drawing and color are my main interests and I find that batik is the perfect medium to combine and express both. All my batiks begin with a detailed drawing directly on the bold white cotton base, which must be tough enough to withstand numerous dye baths. I use wax as a painting medium, applying it with a range of brushes, cantings and kyskas to achieve fine detail, subtle tones, texture and rhythm. I have been working almost all media over the course of a few decades. I’ve received commissions in oil, acrylic, water color, and a few sculptures. But I still love my batik best, probably because it reminds me of my father, who taught it to me.

• Appeared on over fifteen national televisions programs regarding the development of batik art in Pakistan.
• Appearance in all the Pakistani national newspapers as a batik artist.
• Represented Pakistan to Canada for Official tour on Sikh Painting Exhibition, organized by Victoria Albert Museum, UK
• Designed and Published Book, Objects of Pakistan Handy Crafts.


• Taught underprivileged children and adults from low income localities in Lahore to promote literacy.
• Worked as a volunteer for the social uplift of women belonging to minority groups in Lahore, focusing on
gender equality and self-sufficiency.
• Conducted workshops for promotion of hygiene and basic health awareness.
• Worked as a volunteer on Saturdays at the Mentally Handicapped Children School, Lahore.

Training Workshops:

In-house training workshops for teachers:
• “Level of Intervention and Support in Art Education” May 1997
• “Exploration in practices to encourage creativity” April 1998
• “Classroom Management in Art” October 1998
• “Use of visual Images as Educational Tools” September 1998
• “Art Appreciation and Criticism” February 1999
• “Importance of Art Curriculum” January 2000
• “Lesson Planning in Art” October 2000
• “Basics of Visual Arts” January 2001
Media Workshops:
• “Techniques of Painting” for the Asian Study Group, Islamabad 2001
• Media workshop on techniques of painting for the Asian Study Group, Islamabad 2001


• Awarded by governor of Punjab on Best Published UNESCO Book
• Awarded by Punjab Small Industries Pakistan on Book published about Handicraft, 1998
• Awarded Best Theme Designer From Gymkhana Club Lahore Pakistan, 1997
• Fabrication of the Best Float Design Awarded from The Lahore Development Authority, 1996
• Second Prize in International poster Competition 1989
• Awarded From Daily Jang News paper Young painter, 1986
• First prize in Allama Iqbal Portrait Competition, 1985


• Introduction to Art
• 2D design
• Batik Painting
• Intro to Sculpture
• Intermediate Sculpture
• Advanced Sculpture


• Commission: Sizzler Steak House in Las Vegas to design promotional materials, 2007
• Interior design at Double Rainbow Ice Cream in New Frontier Casino, 2006
• Painting commission for ballroom & poker areas in New Frontier Casino, 2006-2007
• Painting commission for executive offices in Treasure Island Hotel & Casino, 2009
• Creative Director With Fiesta Graphics, Lahore, 1996-1998
• Art Director with Tech-Man Advertising, 1995-1996
• Graphic Designer with Decorum Art, Lahore, 1993-1995
• Harappa Archaeological Project, 1999 with USA team:
Dr. Richard H. Meadow, Project Director | Harvard University, Cambridge, MA 02183 USA
Dr. Jonathan Mark Kenoyer, Co-Director & Field Director | University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI 53706 USA
Dr. Rita P. Wright, Assistant Project Director | New York University, New York, NY 10003 USA
• Design and print: all promotional materials for Sheriff Family Business Sugar Mill and Sheriff Medical City, 2000
• Interior design for former prime minister of Pakistan, Mian Nawaz’ house, including paintings and sculptures, 1999
• Design and print sales promotional material for Soneri Bank Pakistan, 1999
• Painting commission for all Soneri Bank branches in Lahore Pakistan, 1999
• Design book for UNESCO world heritage of Pakistan, 1999
• Textile design & manufacture for Manisha Textile, for export, 1998
• Design and print handicraft book for Punjab: Small Industries of Pakistan, 1998
• Launch full marketing campaign for KMW Motorcycle, 1997
• Design & print for Seagal Group of Industries, one of the leading business groups in Pakistan, in 1997
• Theme set design for Lahore Gymkhana Club, Lahore Pakistan, 1997
• Commission: paintings and interior design for doctor offices, Pakistan, 1996
• Design and print for federal education of Pakistan for kids attractions masks and other printings material, 1996
• Commission by Government of Pakistan: Lahore development authority 74-foot float design, 1996
• Commission by Government of Pakistan: environment protection 74-foot float design, 1996
• Design and print book for Federal Labor Department of Pakistan in 1996
• Design and print all materials for Al-Vara Textile in 1995
• Design and print all materials for ACMA textile in 1994
• Design and print for all material for Nikki shoe company in 1994
• Commission from Food Fair Restaurant for interior design, paintings & printed materials, 1993


• Exhibition on Batik Painting at Sears Gallery of Dixie State College, St. George, Utah 2009-2010
• Seventh Annual Exhibition at the Alhamrah Arts Council, from 1993-2000
• Exhibition on Punjab Cityscape, Organized by Pakistan Cultural Society,1992
• Poster Exhibition on ‘Creator Knows Craft is Knowledge’, Lok-Virsa, Islamabad, 1992
• Calligraphic Exhibition at the Shaker Ali Museum, 1991
• Calligraphic Exhibition, Pakistan National Council of Arts, 1990
• Exhibition of the Young Artist Association of Lahore, 1989
• Exhibition of the Mixed Media at Alhamrah Arts Council, 1988
• Exhibition on the Crafts of Dera-Ismaeel Khan, 1988
• Landscape of Punjab Exhibition at Ustad Allah Baksh Academy, 1987
• Portrait Exhibition at Gov. College Lahore, 1985
• Contemporary painting at Alhamrah Arts Council, 1985

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